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themoelectric gaseous attachment

Model: SL-EE-033

In High Volume Sampler / Reparable Dust Sampler provision has been made for simultaneous sampling gaseous pollutants. Here the air is passed through suitable reagents that would absorb specific gases where gaseous pollutant like SO2, NOx, CL2, H2S, CS2, NH3 etc. are analyzed subsequently by simple wet chemistry method to determine the concentration of specific pollutant. During Gaseous sampling it often happens that ice does not last for full sampling period due to high ambient temperature. As a result temperature of chemical reagents increases and it reduces absorption efficiency of gaseous pollutant. During high temperature even chemical reagents taken for absorption evaporates with time. Thermoelectric Attachment has been designed to take care of such problems. It is provided with non wearing thermoelectrics / peltier system.

Special Features
1). Provides 24 hours continuous cooling.
2). Non wearing thermoelectrics (peltier eystem).
3). Full polyurethane-foam lining.
4). Brings down temperature by 10-25 deg G depending upon the ambient conditions.
5). Easy to use even with High Volume Sampler or Respirable Dust Sampler.

Technical Specification
Flow rate : 0-3 lpm measured using plastic body flow meter
Accuracy : 2% Full Scale Division
Power Consumption : 48 watts
Sampling Train : Four inlet and one outlet manifold with built in Needle Valves for flow control of each in let.
Absorber : 4 Nos. of 35 ml. Borosilicate glass impingers
Battery Eliminator : For providing 12 volt DC power

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