Aimil Automatic Compression Testing Machine

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Automatic Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine Digital

Model: SL-CC-041

Compression Testing Machine has been designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means to test concrete for its compressive strength. The Load is displayed simultaneously on the Digital Load Indicator which incorporates a 4-Digits display calibrated in Kilo Newton (KN), preset to maximum load capacity and also on Bourdon tube type Load Gauge with a maximum load pointer. The Indicators are fitted with micro switches to switch-off the motor when the load approaches the maximum capacity of the gauge, avoiding any over loading. Relays are incorporated so that the motor does not restart on its own after a power breakdown. The electrically operated pumping units are provided with a control knob to adjust the pace rate which can be effectively controlled by an experienced operator during the course of testing, by observing the progress of the Digital Indicator readings or the Load Gauge readings. The electrically operated pumping units are also fitted with hand operated pump.

Model SL-CC-039 SL-CC-040 SL-CC-041 SL-CC-042
Capacity (in KN) 1200KN 1500KN 2000KN 3000KN
Pressure Gauge (In KN),
Digital Indicator (In KN)
Least Count (In KN) 5KN, 1KN 5KN, 1KN 10KN, 1KN 15KN, 1KN
Pressure Gauge Diameter (mm) 200 200 200 200