civil enginerring models

Deep Seeker

Deep Search Metal & Mine Detector
1. Light weight, Rugged and professional design
2. Reliable high-speed pulse-induction technology
3. Independent controls for Power, Sensitivity, Threshold and Audio
4. Adjustable parameters allow use as a professional mine or metal detector
5. Fully static detection target metal close to large metals
6. Capable of detecting target metal close to large metals
7. Detects all metals and alloys to a depth of over 1.5 meters with standard coil
8. Continuously variable pitch to indicate size and proximity of metal
9. Bar-graph display for visually in pointing metal
10. Concentric multi purpose 3-coil probe mounted on extendable telescopic pole
11. Large size coil and stick probes available as accessories for special requirements
12. Coils and probes are submersible in water
13. Ni/MH, SMF or Dry battery power source with 90-270V internal battery charger