civil enginerring models


It is a remote controlled security briefcase for carrying cash, Jeweler, and important documents without fear of theft. People often get hurt when they refuse to hand over their money. So don't hassle, give the thief the case. Then when he is making his getaway, just press the remote control button. A loud siren will be turned on in the briefcase attracting attention of anyone within hearing range. The siren can only be switched off by a key with the carrier. Also the thief will get a high voltage electric shock. The shock is not lethal, but severe enough to force him to drop the briefcase.

Features :
1. A must for individuals carrying cash, important documents and Jewelers
2. Gives high voltage shock to the assailant.
3. Operated by remote controlled activator
4. The carrier does not have to resist the assailant. Once the carrier is out of range of violence by assailant, the shock can be activated through remote activator
5. A loud alarm is also activated which can only be switched off by a key with the carrier.
6. Rechargeable Ni/Cad battery with charger

Users :
Business houses doing cash transactions
Jewelers carrying Jewelry
Officers drawing salaries from bank
Individuals carrying cash to bank or cash from bank
Individuals carrying important documents.