Heat And Mass Transfer Lab

Parallel Flow and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

01. Geyser
a. Capacity :3 KW
02. Heat Exchanger Outer Pipe Insulated By Asbestos Rope
a. Diameter :25mm
b. Material :G.I
03. Heat Exchanger Inner Pipe
a. Length :1000mm
b. Diameter :12.5 mm OD
c. Material :Copper
04. Digital Temperature Indicator With Selector Switch
a. Range :Ambient to 199.9 Deg.c
05. Thermocouples
a. Type :Cr. AI
b. Length :1 Mt.
06. Measuring Jar :1 Ltr. Capacity

Note: The Unit Is Self-Contained In All Respect Except Water And Power To The Unit