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Cement And Concrete Testing Equipments

Silver SCHMIDT Test Hammer

Silver SCHMIDT Test Hammer

Extended Range of Applications

l. Conversion curves are provided for a wide range of compressive concrete strength, including low and high strength concrete fc<10 N/mm2 (1.450 psi) and up to 170 N/mm2 (24.650 psi).

2. Conversion curves for different types of modern concrete are preset in the Silver Schmidt, based on tests performed by an independent institution.

Operation :

1. Simple operation with the "one button" user interface

2. Language independent through the use of graphic user interface

3. Automatic conversion to the required measurement unit (N/mm2, kg/cm2, psi)

4. Various statistics to comply with standards or user specified procedures

5. Custom presets of test parameters for various testing scenarios can be stored and later recalled

6. Quick review of previous measurements