Cement And Concrete Testing Equipments

Capping Set

Model: SL-CC-104, 105

Capping Set (Horizontal) SL-CC-104
IS: 516 1959, BS 1881-120, ASTM C31, C 617,
For 15cm dia x 30cm length cylinders
For 100mm dia x 200mm length cylinder specification . 2027 but for use with specimens 100mm dia x 200mm long.

The set comprises of a cylinder capper, a cylinder carrier and a ladle. The cylinder capper consists of a base on which two accurately machined plates are mounted vertically. One plate is firmly fixed and the other one is adjustable horizontally. Two plates are provided with holders for holding the cylinder in position. The holder are split and the bottom half of each holder is fixed firmly and the top half of each is removable and bolted down to the lower half. On the upper parts of the vertical plates 'V' s are provided for pouring the capping compound. Two spacers are also provided. Complete with cylinder carrier and ladle for molten compound.

Capping Set (Vertical) SL-CC-105
IS : 516 1959, BS 1881-120
For capping compression cylinder specimens. This apparatus can be used both in the laboratory and in the field. The specimens capped in this apparatus have plane parallel faces.

For cylinders 150mm dia x 300mm long Consists of a base with an upright. The upright serves as a guide for positioning the capping plate and cylinder. The 19mm thick capping plate is machined accurately. There is a recess in the plate for keeping the molten capping compound and to position cylinder. Complete with cylinder carrier and ladle.

For cylinder 100mm x 200mm long, for cylinders 100mm x 200mm long. For carrying the concrete cylinders in the laboratory and in the field. Double handles make it easy to hold the cylinder during capping operations. Complete with snap clamp and cushioning lining. Capping mould : For capping the concrete cylinders, it consists of an accurately machined plate with a recess for 100mm dia specimen.