fluid mechanics lab

Closed Circuit Apparatus for Determination of Co-Efficient Discharge (CD) Co-Efficient of Contraction (CC) Co-Efficient of Velocity (CV) of Orifices

Supply Tank:
M.S Powder Coating/M.S.FRP Lining/S.S Unit of suitable size with a fixture arrangement to mount 2 replaceable orifices. A scale & Sliding arrangement for measurement of X & Y ordinate to find the velocity traverse of the water jet from orifice & provided with a micrometer contraction gauge for the measurement of contraction of water jet at the throat of the orifice.

Orifices :
Two Orifices made of gunmetal

Measuring Tank:
M.S, Power coating/M.S.FRP Lining/S.S Unit of suitable size with and overflow arrangement & provided with a PVC control valve & elbow.

Sump Tank:
M.S. Powder Coating /MS.FRP Lining/SS. Unit of suitable size for storage of water to circulate through experimental unit.

Supply Pump Set:
0.5 HP single phase[ISI marked] to pump water from the sump fitted with a control valve (Gun metal gate valve)

Main Switch :
Single phase main switch

Frame Work Mounting:
Mounted on frame work & completely fitted with all the above items as self contained unit suitable for operation without and foundation.

Services Required:
Single phase power supply 200/220V & water to fill up sump Tank.