Cement And Concrete Testing Equipments

Compression Testing Machine For Concrete

Model: SL-CC-007

(2 Pillar Model): Compression Testing Equipment Manually (Hand) Operated fitted with single load gauge. The loads are measured on Bourdon tube type load gauges which are calibrated against certified proving rings. The load gauges are fitted with a maximum load pointer.

Model SL-CC-006 SL-CC-007
Capacity (in KN) 1000 KN 1000 KN
Pressure Gauge (In KN) 1000 KN 1000 KN
Least Count (In KN) 5 KN 5 KN
Pressure Gauge
Diameter (mm)
150 200
Vertical Daylight (mm) 310 Adj 310
Horizontal Clearance(mm) 260 240
Platen Size (mm) 240 x 165 220
Ram Diameter (mm) 165 165
Ram Travel (mm) 50 50
Specimen Size (Can be Tested)
Cube 100mm x 150mm 100mm x 150mm
Cylindrical 100mm x 200mm
150mm x 300mm
100mm x 200mm
150mm x 300mm
Brick 100 x 100 x225 mm -----