Concrete Permeability Apparatus

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Concrete Permeability Apparatus

Concrete Permeability Test App.

Model: SL-CC-120

As Per IS 3085 / DIN Standard
(Single Cell Model)
One of the durability test of concrete is to determine permeability of water through specimen. Permeability apparatus is used for determining the permeability of cement mortar and concrete specimens of 15cm cubes cast in the laboratory.

Specification :
The concrete permeability apparatus comprises of a brass / gunmetal cell of Square/Round cross-section mounted on a stand and a pressure chamber is connected to the cell through copper tubing and T-connector mounted on the stand with sleeve packed valve and rubber hose pipe with end connections. The cell assembly consists of one base plate, one metal funnel and one top plate. The pressure chamber is fitted with a pressure regulator which helps in regulating the pressure from 0-15kg/cm sq. Gauge is for indicating the pressure in the cell. A foot pump and a pressure tube is supplied to develop pressure in the chamber. The apparatus is supplied with a measuring cylinder 500cc to measure percolated quantity to water. Pressure can also be applied; by a pressure air line or by a compressor which can be supplied at an extra cost.