Bitumen And Asphalt Testing Equipments

Core Cutting Grinding Machine

Model: SL-BT-030

Table Mounted
Stable Construction Feed arrangement for cutting
Feed arrangement for cutting
Cooling water arrangement
Heavy Duty, Single Phase Motor 230 V A.C.

Specification :
This unit is designed for cutting and grinding cylindrical rock specimens upto NX size. The outfit includes 200mm dia diamond impregnated cutter, a fine diamond impregnated grinding wheel a water supply system and sampler holder. A V-Vice, to hold the sample up to 55mm dia x 140mm long to be cut parallel and square to the longitudinal axis is provided. Cores longer that 140mm can be prepared by reversing the specimen and holding. against the vice, A hand feed arrangement is provided to facilitate the specimen with a uniform and smooth feeding motions. This unit is provided with a 1 HP, Single Phase, 230 V A.C. Motor.