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Flow Table (Motorized)

Flow Table (Motorized)

Model: SL-CC-072

IS 5512 & BS 4551-1
This used for measuring the consistency of pozzolana and also cement mortar and hydrated lime.

Specification :
It consists of a machined brass table top 250+/- 2.5mm dia. Mounted on a rigid stand. The table top is reinforced with equally disposed ribs and allowed to conical brass mould 100mm i.d. top dia. and 50mm high.

Accessories :
Mild steel plate 25mm thick and 25cm square for fixing to the underside of the base. Same as ZI 1008 but electrically operated to raise and drop the table top, approx. 15 times in 15 seconds, Suitable for operation on 230 Volts, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.

Same as above but electrically operated. Fitted with a motor, connected to the cam shaft through a reduction gear to give approximately 100 R.P.M. Suitable for operation in Single Phase 230 V A.C. 50 Cycles, Supply.