Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments

Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments

flue gas analysers

Model: SL-EE-024

Stack Gas Analyzing System that can be configured for 1 gas to 8 gas analysis. Add-on modules make it flexible and adaptable to any process conditions. Also it offers various detection methods like NDIR, electrochemical, paramagnetic and ZrO2 technology. 7000 UNIVERSAL can simultaneously ensure up to eight gas components.

Analyzer Features:
1). Up to 8 gas species
2). Volumetric measurement in terms of mg/m3, ppm and vol%
3). Double stage sample gas cooler
4). Full range of outputs & alarms
5). Fully automated sample conditioning Unit
6). Modular system, can increase gas species from min one up to max eight
7). Correction to O reference values 2
8). Continuous monitoring
9). Data logging via pc software package

Technology Involved:
1). High resolution NDIR technology for IR absorption gases such as CO, CO2 , CH4 , SO2 , NO
2). Options of zirconium oxide analyzer, paramagnetic analyzer or fuel cell for oxygen
3). Accurate electrochemical sensors for CO, CO2, NO, NO2 , SO2 , HCL and H2S
4). Other gases on request

Typical Applications:
01). Hazardous waste incinerators
02). Municipal waste incinerators
03). Biomedical waste and sludge incinerators
04). Combustion analysis
05). Cement kilns
06). Steel and aluminum smelters
07). Gasification and paralysis processes
08). DeNOx and DeSOx of power plants
09). Brick, tiles and glass manufacturing
10). Solvent recovery and destruction