Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments

Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments

fully automatic fine particulate sampler

fully automatic fine particulate sampler

Model: SL-EE-036

Ambient Air Sampler has been designed in accordance with the requirements specified in 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L. It consists of a sample air inlet, downtube, particle size separator (impactor), filter holder assembly, air pump and flow rate control system, flow rate measurement device, ambient and filter temperature monitoring system, barometric pressure measurement system, timer, outdoor environmental enclosure, and suitable mechanical, electrical, or electronic control capability to meet or exceed the design and functional performance

Main Screen
This screen shows summary information regarding the sampling program currently defined by the user, the site information, the current operating mode, the existence of any status conditions and certain operational information.
The sampler displays the following fields on the Main screen:
1) Control Panel
2) Data Table: This feature allows the user to browse for a file that is, to search any file from the stored database. The required data can also be saved in Excel to plot graph of the available parameters.
3) Data Graph: This helps the user to see the graphical interpretation of the readings.
4) Settings & Info:This feature allows the user to calibrate the flow pulse (Pulse/L) periodically

Designed As Per Usepa Standards
The Ambient Air Fine Particulate sampler is designed as per the USEPA reference method to meet or exceed the operational requirements for the determination of Fine Particulate matter of size 2.5 microns in the atmosphere.

The Report shell Contain The Following Information :-
01). Sample ID
02). Sampling location
03). Start time and Date
04). Stop time and date
05). Total Elapsed time
06). Flow rate (minimum, Maximum and average)
07). % CV in flow data
08). Barometric Pressure (Minimum, Maximum and Average)
09). Ambient Temperature (Minimum, Maximum and Average)
10). Filter Temperature (Minimum, Maximum and Average)
11). Sample volume (m3)
12). Error messages and Flags
13). All the data should be retrievable through RS 232 and or USB

Interactive Control Panel
Eequipped with an interactive control panel which helps to specify the flow rate, filter's initial weight, sample time.It also alerts filter saturation level when it is choked.

Fully Automated Control
Fully automated system loaded with a computer interface for automatic control and data generation.

Collection Efficiency
The collection efficiency is greater than 99.7% as measured by the DOP test ( ASTM D 2986-91) with 0.3 particles at the sampler's operating face velocity.

Data Safety
The data collected during the process is saved into the system which is backed by a UPS for automatic shutdown and start of the system which results in Data storage and accurate sampling results.

Automatic Report Generation
The Data collected by automatically generates a report for a specified sample time. This report contains information such as - Volumetric flow rate
- Filter temperature
- Relative humidity(%)
- DP
- Barometric pressure
- Elapsed sample time

User Login System
Sampler which is password protected so as to minimize data theft and bring greater efficiency in the process.

Clock Timer System
The sample time required for the analysis of sample can be fed into the system and the system will automatically stop after the specified time.

Data Interface Through Lcd
The data which is collected during the process is displayed in real time.