Heat And Mass Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer in Forced Convection

01. Blower
a. Capacity :350 watts/1.5 cumts/m
02. Test Section
a. Diameter :40mm
b. Length :300mm
03. Cooling Water Chamber
a. Diameter :50 mm
b. Length :300mm (Approx.)
04. Measuring Instruments
a. Digital Voltmeter Range :0 to 300 V
b. Digital Ammeter & Range :0 to 10 Amps
c. Digital Temperature Indicator with Selector switch
Range :Ambient to 199.9 Deg. c
05. Thermocouples
a. Type :Cr. AI
b. Length :1 Mt.
06. Electronic Dimmer :1 No.
07. Measuring Jar & ā€œuā€ Tube Manometer 1 No. Each

Note: the unit is self-contained in all respect except water And power to the unit.