Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments

fluid mechanics lab

Hydraulic Ram


Hydraulic Ram :
Hydraulic Ram of size 50 x 15m to work against a delivery head up to 20m from a supply head of 2.5metres to discharge about 250LPH at 10m head.

Supply Tank :
M.S Powder Coating/M.S FRP Lining/S.S Unit tank of suitable size with over flow arrangement for supply of water at constant head of 2.5 meters.

Supply & Delivery Pipings :
Supply pipe of size 50mm & 6 meter length connecting supply tank & Hydraulic Ram and delivery pipe of ½ " size to deliver useful water from Hydraulic Ram to measuring tank.

Measuring Tank :
M.S Powder Coating/M.S. FRP Lining/ S.S Unit of suitable size provided with standard fittings for measuring of useful water.

Notch Tank :
M.S. Unit with FRP Lining/S.S Unit with a brass Notch plate and hook gauge for measurement of waste water.

Sump Tank :
M.S. Unit with FRP Lining/S.S Unit of suitable size for independent circulation of water through the unit.

Supply Pump Set :
0.5HP, Single phase to supply water from the sump to the supply tank.