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Bitumen And Asphalt Testing Equipments

Los Angeles/Abrasion Testing Machine

Model: SL-AG-010

As Per IS 2386 (P-IV) ASTM: C131, AASHTO T-96
Specification :
Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is used for determining the resistance to wear of small size coarse aggregates and crushed rock. The abrasion testing machine consists of a Closed hollow cylindrical steel drum rotating around its horizontal axis on ball bearing units mounted on a sturdy base framework at a speed of between 30-33 rpm. Supplied complete with subtracting revolution counter to preset the number of revolutions, a sample collection tray for removal of the sample on completion of testing and set of 12 abrasive charges.The los Angeles Abrasion testing machine is fitted with 1 HP Motor. Suitable for Operation on 440V, Three Phase, 50Hz, AC Supply.