Applied Mechanics Structural Engineering

applied mechanics structural engineering

Mechanics/Machine Friction of Belts Apparatus

Mechanics/Machine Friction of Belts Apparatus

Model: SL-MEL-37


Basic Wind Tunnel.
1. Observes the relationship between the tensions in the two sides of a belt; assesses the differences between vie, rope and flat belts; determines coefficient of friction between pulley and the three belt sections; investigate the effect of angle of lap.
2. The wall mounted apparatus consists of a pulley, 3 belts and 2 load hangers. Pulley graduated in 15 degree intervals.
3. The aluminum alloy pulley of approx. 150mm diameter has machined grooves to suit the three belts.
4. The three belts are vie, rope and flat.
5. An Instruction manual for student and lecturer supplied.
6. Set of weights.
7. Dimensions and Weight (excluding set of weights): 230 x 150 x 280 mm, 10 kg (approx).