Heat And Mass Transfer Lab

Heat And Mass Transfer Lab

Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Control Panel
Stand Alone Metallic powder coated panel

An industrial Plate Heat exchanger made of SS of size 200 mm x 75 mm, Number of plates are 14

Flow type
Both Parallel and Counter Flow

1 liter, 3 kW, Instantaneous
(SS hot water tank with pump at extra cost)

Flow measurement
Measuring Jar with digital stop watch
(Rota meters at extra cost - 2 nos).

Temperature Indicator
Digital Temperature Indicator ,0-199.9°C with TSS

Teflon coated Cr -Al (K-type)-4 no.

Measuring Jar

Stop Watch
Digital, 1/10 of a second, Racer/Pacer Make

Experimental Capability
Over All Heat transfer Co-Efficient, Effectiveness

Self explanatory Instruction manual with sample calculation

Optional Feature @ Extra
Computerized data acquisition system with software