Cement Mortar Permeability App

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Cement Mortar Permeability App

Cement Mortar Permeability App. (Six Cell Model)

Model: SL-CC-117

IS 1727-2645
For water proofing of concrete admixture and special water proof cements are used. Water proofing of these compounds, is established by measuring permeability of standard mortar. Specimen with or without such water proofing compounds. Permeability apparatus in used to determine permeability to water of cement mortar specimens with or without water proofing compound.

Specification :
The mortar permeability apparatus comprises three brass/ gun metal cells mounted on a stand and a pressure chamber with a pressure regulator. The cell can accommodate 100mm dia x 50mm high specimen. Each cell assembly consists of the base plate. The base plate has one outlet for water and is recessed to hold the specimen in place with a ring washer in between. The top plate has an inlet for water and a suitable connector for the application of pressurized water in the cell the mount and collar are clamped between the base plate and the top plate with the help of four tension rods and nuts. The cells are mounted on a stand.

The pressure chamber is fitted with a pressure regulator which helps in regulating the pressure from 0-7kg/sq. cm. The regulator has two pressure gauges, one for indicating the pressure in the chamber (0- 10.5kg/sq.cm.) The pressure chamber is connected to the cells with pressure hoses and with couplings. This pressure chamber is fitted with valve. Pressure is applied to the pressure chamber with help of a foot pump and rubber hose which are supplied with the instrument.