CNC machine trainer

Radial Drilling Machine

Model : SL-MEL-05

01). Arm Length: 2m; Power:5.5 kW;
02). Drilling Capacity In Steel 60mm,;
03). Drilling Capacity In Cast 80mm;
04). Boring Capacity In Steel 100mm;
05). Tapping Capacity In Steel M 50 x 5mm,
06). Tapping Capacity In Cast M 60 x 5mm,
07). Maximum Distance Spindle To Guide-ways 1200mm;
08). Radial Arm Swivel 0-360 Degrees;
09). Taper MT # 6, Spindle Diameter 65mm,
10). Spindle Stroke 8.70”; 30 Speeds Range 9-1800 RPM ;
11). Feeds 0.02-2.8 mm/rev; With Coolant;
Supplied with Accessories:
Drill Holder Brackets, Twist Drills: High speed steel with straight and tapered shanks drills ( high helix drill, core drill, oil hole drill, straight-fluted drill, deep hole or gun drill, spade drill, and Step drill, and saw-type hole cutter; Single point boring tool; Center drills regular and bell type; Reamers: rose, carbide-tipped, shell, adjustable and expansion-type reamers; Machine Taps: Gun, Stub flute and spiral flute each type supplied in sets of three; flute less tap; countersinks; All to be supplied with the respective accessories such as drill jig chucks, guide plate and spacers.
Functions: machining holes and cutting internal thread.