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Sectioned Front Suspension Unit, Macpherson Strut Type Suspension

Sectioned Front Suspension Unit, Macpherson Strut Type Suspension

Model: SL-0320

The unit should be a complete front-end unit of a vehicle that is ideal for demonstrating the operation and interaction of the steering and suspension mechanism on a McPherson strut type suspension.

Courseware: Through use of this trainer students should be exposed to:
The function of the stabilizer
Shock absorbers
Steering linkage
Suspension system
Areas of alignment and adjustment
Operation of brakes and more
All major components should be carefully sectioned to expose the internal working parts such as the steering gear, shock absorber, brake drums, wheel cylinder, etc.
Sectioned areas should be expertly finished and parts are color-coded for easy identification.
The steering mechanism should be fully functional enabling authentic demonstrations.
The unit should be mounted on a sturdy steel stand, which should be fitted with wheels for easy mobility.
The trainer should be supplied with a workshop/service manual for reference