Semi Automatic Fine Particulate Sampler

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Semi Automatic Fine Particulate Sampler

semi automatic fine particulate sampler

Model: SL-EE-035

Ambient Air Sampler," Electronic model, for 24-hour continuous sample periods, has been designed in accordance with the requirements specified in 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L. has been evaluated in different environmental conditions. Suspended particulate matter in the PM 2.5 size range is separated for collection on a PTFE filter over the specified sampling period. The total volume of air sampled is determined by the sampler from the measured flow rate at actual ambient temperature and pressure and the sampling time. The mass concentration is computed as the total mass of collected particles in the PM2.5 size range divided by the actual volume of air sampled, and is expressed as g/m³. Data is stored on a Data Logger. The Data logger writes this data on a Pen Drive which can be later transferred to a computer in an Excel Sheet. The Flow Control is achieved by an Electronic Controller with very precise control over flow rate.

1- Data Storage is directly on USB
2- No manual calculation is required for sampling information
3- Measures both filter as well as ambient temperature
4- Also monitors operational parameters such as barometric pressure & flow rate digitally.
5- Automatic control of sample volumetric flow rate and other operational parameters.
6- Provides data information at the end of each sample period in digital form.
7- Determines the elapsed sample collection time for each PM2.5
8- Total Flow has to be recorded manually
9- Designed according to US EPA 40 CFR 50 Appendix L.
l0- Top plate and wind deflector have been redesigned at a sampling flow rate of 16.67 LPM and unaffected by wind direction and wind speed of ambient air

Data Display Format
CHANNEL 1: Ambient Temperature
CHANNEL 3: Filter Temperature
CHANNEL 4: Barometric Pressure
CHANNEL 5: Flow Rate