Heat And Mass Transfer Lab

Heat And Mass Transfer Lab

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Control Panel
Stand Alone Metallic powder coated panel

Shell: 200mm dia, 5mm thick, 1m long MS pipe
Tubes: ½" dia, 1020mm long Copper or seamless MS tubes

Asbestos Cloth / Rope

1 liter, 3 kW, Instantaneous (SS hot water tank with pump at extra cost)

Flow measurement
Measuring Jar with digital stop watch (Rota meters at extra cost).

Temperature Indicator
Digital Temperature Indicator ,0-199.9°C with TSS

Teflon coated Cr -Al (K-type)-4 no.

Measuring Jar

Stop Watch
Digital, 1/10 of a second, Racer/Pacer Make

Experimental Capability
Over All Heat transfer Co-Efficient, Effectiveness

Self explanatory Instruction manual with sample calculation

Optional Feature @ Extra
Computerized data acquisition system with software