CNC machine trainer

Spot Welding Machine

Model : SL-MEL-09

Technical Specification:

01). The resistance welding process in spot welding floor type by foot operated control, minimum capacity 15 KVA.
02). Electricity supply AC. 220/380 Volt/3 Phase/50 Hz, fitted with ground leage cable.
03). Water cooled.
04). Ability to spot mild steel, galvanized sheet and stainless steel at minimum thickness 1.5 + 1.5 mm. (min. total thickness 3 mm.)
05). Minimum throat depth 16 inches.
06). Minimum electrode arms gap 8 inches.
07). Upper electrode movement about 1.5 inches.
08). By mechanism pressing.
09). Adjustable current range not less than 5 ranges.
10). Having automatic timing control and magnetic control.
11). Electrode arm has hole for clamping electrode holder in vertical and slope line.
12). Having minimum 3 sets of electrode (Straight, slope and elbow head.)
13). Water receiver for cooling by motor pump, electrical supply: 220 Volt single phase 50 Hz.
14). Accessories: Tool box with tools 1 set.