Strength of Material Lab

strength of material lab

Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine

TENSILE TESTERS are electrically operated machines for testing tensile strength and elongation of materials like plywood, wires, cables, conductors, ferrous and nonferrous materials

TENSILE TESTERS are manufactured in various capacities and tests can be conducted on these machines by simply incorporating appropriate traverse speeds and using suitable grips in conformity with the adopted BIS, BS, ASTM, DIN & ISO standards.

TENSILE TESTERS are quite capable of conducting Compression and Bending tests apart from performing Tensile and Elongation tests.

TENSILE TESTERS are manufactured in different capacities upto 10,000Kgf. in our LabTek ensuring + 1% accuracy in the test results.

TENSILE TESTERS are extra elegant, best quality, durable and accurate with matchless perfection.