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TIG Welding Machine 250Amp

TIG Welding Machine 250Amp

Model : SL-MEL-11

AC/DC TIG Welding Machine thyrister control or Electronic control. Especially designed for TIG welding, having gas shield control and water cooling in welding gun, fitted with solid rubber wheels which conveniently move and safety. Complete with welding accessories. Technical Specification:

01). Maximum welding current not less than 250 Amp.
02). Minimum duty cycle 40% at 250 Amp.
03). Electricity supply AC 220/380 Volt 50 Hz.
04). Open circuit voltage minimum 70 Volt.
05). Consist of power factor correction.
06). Current adjusting by continuous current control or 2 ranges continuous current control. Average lowest and highest current 10-250 Amp.
07). Having solenoid valve for gas or water, or other accessories that can be insteaded efficiently.
08). Having pre flow time or post flow time of gas flow rate.
09). Consist of mobile on solid rubber wheels and gas cylinder rack with securing chain.
10). Fitted with water cooled and on-off switch in electrode holder which ready to use. Minimum cable length 3 meter.
11). Having waterproof on-off and amperage control pendant include cable
12). The return cable is made of multi stranded high grade copper core, minimum cross section 50 mm2 as AS, BS, VDE standard (copper wire about 1558/0.2 pieces) complete with cable eye and ground clamp made of bronze, minimum 5 meter long.
13). With cable 4 meter, 3 core, 6 mm2 connected to primary pole.
14). Complete with ceramic nozzle size 6.35, 9.5, 12.7 mm. 4 pieces of each.
15). Having tungsten electrode consist of
16). Pure tungsten size 1.5, 2.4, 3.2 mm. 4 pieces of each.
17). Throated tungsten size 1.5, 2.4, 3.2 mm. 4 pieces of each.
18). Having tungsten electrode chuck size 1.5, 2.4, 3.2. 2 sets of each.
19). Argon gas cylinder 40 liter which full filled.
20). Argon regulator flow meter 1 set.
21). Welder's helmet made of supper tuff nylon and also welder's hand shield, complete with filter glass, spare glass No.11. 10 pieces.
22). Set of apron and arm and wrist protection, 1 set of each.
23). Welding gloves for TIG (gauntlet gloves) 2 pairs.
24). Stainless wire brush.
25). Consist of circulation water pump and storage tank which connected to TIG welding 1 set and also on-off switch fitted. Capacity 15 liter.