Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments

Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments

Unconfined Compression Tester

Unconfined Compression Tester Proving Ring Type (Hand Operated)

Model: SL-GT-059

It is designed to determine the swelling pressure developed by soil specimens moulded to desired densities at known moisture contents, when soaked in water. The load applied to restrain the swelling is transferred on to a load measuring proving ring through a perforated swell plate and a load transfer bar. The proving ring is attached to the lead screw of hand operated load frame. A soaking tank is provided for saturating the specimen and the base of the mould provided has channels and radial grooves with connecting holes.

Load Frame, Hand Operated, Capacity 50 KN (5,000 kgf), Mould, 100mm dia x 127.3mm height (1,000ml volume) with, base plate and collar., Proving Ring, with integral boss, high sensitivity 2.5KN (250 Kgf) capacity, Perforated swell plate, 100mm dia x 16mm thickDial Gauge , 25mm travel, 0.01mm least count Lid & receiver in G.I. frame for 300mm dia x 450mm dia sieves, Spencer, 100mm dia x 12.7mm thick, Pair of Porous stones, 100mm dia x 12.7mm thick, Load Transfer Bar, Steel Ball Soaking Tank, 250mm dia x 210mm high.