Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments

Auger Posthole Type

Model: SL-GT-042

Augers are used to collect disturbed soil samples at reasonal depths for laboratory tests. Augers are available in two types and each in different sizes. Blade type (posthole type) and helical type (screw type). Each auger outfit consists one each of auger head, one meter long rod, tee piece and handle. Depth of excavating can be increased using additional extension rods.

Posthole Type:

(a) 50mm, (b) 75mm (c) 100mm dia (d) 150mm dia

Screw Type: (SL-GT-042.A)

(a) 25mm, (b) 38mm, (c) 50mm, (d) 75mm, (e) 100mm, (f) 150mm, (g) 200mm, (h) 250mm, (i) 300mm dia,

Extra: Extension rod 1 meter length with threading at both ends and couplings, set of two spanners and tee piece.